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this may sound strange, but you should go to Dan’s youngest daughters twitter (stella aykroyd) she has a lot of pictures of him! i love dan, he’s amazing


Which proves that she really is Stella - and indeed he is! :)
I’d publish the link to her twitter here but I’m not sure if she’d like that (I could ask her tho since we follow each other).. 

I’m sorry, I’m having issues with answering messages.

2 years ago on 14 May 2012

asked: do you like Dan Aykroyd a lot? how many followers do you have?

Yes we do. I don’t think people who don’t like or love him would make a blog about him.
We have enough - 400+ (and they gain everyday and we appreciate every single one) so that you’re pleased.

2 years ago on 01 May 2012

asked: Is it true that Dan was/is an alcoholic? I read somewhere that he was.

There are no known sources to prove if he is/was an alcoholic.

Well, we all know that he made his own vodka (and loves it) - in this way you can make yourself a picture if he is one or isn’t.

2 years ago on 01 March 2012

asked: What is it with Donna's voice ? :) It kinda sounds like an accent but she's from Virginia so I don't get it haha I read that she was taking '' talking lessons '' ,but why? xx

I’ve heard that she liked this sort of accent very much so she took talking lessons, I don’t think anybody except Donna and her family really knows about it, sorry

2 years ago on 28 February 2012